Room for work and life

Our “work anywhere” policy gives you the choice of working from home or from the office, whichever suits your needs on a given day.

Feedback goes both ways

Feedback should be a conversation, not a one-way rant. Our management team actively encourages and responds to your feedback.

Growth is never stifled

Our firm only grows as fast as our people do, which is why we look for ways to help you upgrade your skills and knowledge as a professional.

Aiming for excellence

We refuse to become stagnant in our mindset or way of doing things. We welcome ideas that challenge us to become better.


You never depreciate here. We help you Excel.

Build great people and you’ll have a great business.” That’s how we approach our hiring and retention activities. Not only are we interested in your technical skills but also your mindset and attitude: Are you good at what you do but unwilling to with others or become better? If so, we’re probably not a great fit for you. But if you’re willing to do your best and grow, we’ll be your best workplace ever. If you're interested in working here, complete this form.

What is it like to work at MBS?

I can work with people that I genuinely like. If I make a mistake occasionally, I don't feel judged but get real, empathetic help from managers.   

Fabiola Ramirez, CPA

Staff Accountant

I'm not treated as second-rate but as a valuable part of the team. Also, being able to work from home lets me balance my personal responsibilities so I don't feel mom guilt.   

Erin Hunter

Administrative Assistant

I'm not just 'cranking out work.' I can suggest changes that make a difference. I feel heard and seen when I have a concern or question for my manager.   

Victor Godinez, CPA

Senior Accountant